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Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Ideal equipment for lifting, transporting, loading and unloading goods and working. It is more flexible and convenient to use in a small space workplace, safe and convenient, light weight, small size, high working level, good safety performance, high reliability and low failure rate.



Capacity ranging from 1t-16t

>DIN standard hook with safety buckle, Ergonomic design

>Use high-strength nylon material, Lightweight, good wear resistance, effectively reduce the wear of wire rope, prevent the wire rope lose, jumping from the groove, etc

>Accurate Positioning, Running High Efficiency, Improving Production Efficiency

>Modular Design, More Options, Meeting Customers’ Various Needs


>Travel Unit Adopt 3 in 1 Reducer

Gearbox, traveling motor and breaks three in one, compact structure, stable running, high efficiency, small impact.

>Compact Structure, Lightweight, Small Wheel Load

The best use of space. TWHS low headroom wire rope electric hoist occupies larger working scope compared with other hoists which using in the same workshop and same working area, increase workshop’s utilizable ratio and decrease blind area. It can drastically decrease the requirements of workshop height and bearing capacity when you consider using Coolift’s hoist during the workshop design phase, and it can also cut down almost 30% on plant building investment, improve the efficiency of investment.

>Over Lifting Limit Switches

Adjustable screw-type lifting height limit switch precision is high, the adjusting range is extensive, safe and reliable automatic cut-off of the lifting and lowering motions in the upper and lower limit positions.


>Safe And Reliable, Operation Monitoring, Easy Maintenance

TOYO patented technology products have a variety of monitoring and protection function, to ensure the hoist safety and reliable operation, its operation monitoring unit can make detailed records of the operation of the electric hoist, motor running state and security work periods,e early warming. All records can provide the data for maintenance, understanding the root of the problem, and making the maintenance more time and quickly.


Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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