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Choosing the Best Electric Hoist Our Top 5

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If you’re on the hunt for the best electric hoist then look no further. We compiled a list of the top five best electric chain hoists on the market to help you find the right equipment for your operation. Making our top-5 list are the Brehob Corporation, Gorbel Inc., Tianjing Kunda Hoisting Equipment, Superior Crane Corporation, G. W. Becker, Inc.. Read on to find out what makes each choice great, and how they might be the perfect fit for your overhead lifting application.

Choosing the Best Electric Hoist Our Top 5

Top 5 Best Electric Hoists

These electric hoists are the best in the industry. Among these models are hoists that can lift anywhere from 1/8-ton loads to 20-ton loads. Additionally, there are a number of variations and upgrades you can make to them.

You can customize the lift height, the lifting speed, the type of suspension, and more. Of course, this all depends on your particular use case. With that said, let’s look at the best electric chain hoists on the market!

Brehob Corporation

Brehob Corporation

Brehob is a leading provider of high-quality electric hoists in addition to many other related products and parts.From motors to maintenance, compressors to customer service, hoist to help, Brehob is your one-stop shop for all your industrial equipment service needs. We have the machines, the resources and the expertise to help your business run smoothly and efficiently, while keeping your downtime down and your bottom line strong.

Gorbel Inc.

Gorbel Inc.

Gorbel? protects the things that matter most to you. With a portfolio of overhead solutions and warehouse solutions, we have products to enhance productivity, profitability and safety throughout your plant, warehouse, and distribution center.

Founded in 1977, Gorbel? started as a small company in Western NY and has now expanded to over 800 employees, with manufacturing locations in NY, AL, AZ, and Canada. We’re on the cutting edge of manufacturing; a thriving, growing company that is constantly seeking out new ways to innovate and elevate our products and processes to better meet our customers’ needs.


Tianjing Kunda Hoisting Equipment

Tianjin Kunda Hoisting started in 2019. As the Toyo Brand global sales center, Kunda has 3 production bases: Shunde Guangdong, Zhejiang Ningbo, Hebei Renqiu.

In 2015, the investor Mr.Jiang invested heavily in acquiring the TOYO brand, establishing four major bases in Renqiu, Shunde, Tianjin, and Shanghai, with its headquarters in Japan. It has laid a solid foundation for expanding market share and expanding overseas business.

With a history dating back to 1994, Kunda's associated factory in Renqiu City is the first and largest lifting equipment manufacturer in Northern China. Their product range includes Mini electric hoistsElectric chain hoistswire rope hoistsChain blocks, Lever hoists, Hand pallet trucksHydraulic jacks, and other comprehensive series of lifting products, catering to diverse industry needs.

All our products are passed the CE, GS testing. We have professional engineer support, high efficiency sales team and competitive price superiority, and attract customers from all over the world, we export to over 40 countries, including Germany, Poland, Turkey, Middle East, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and South Africa.

Superior Crane Corporation

Superior Crane Corporation

Superior Crane Corporation is a full-service design, engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in overhead material handling equipment and machining. 

Quality is and always has been, our number one priority. We have built our reputation by offering products with an uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability and customer service. We are committed to meeting our objectives as part of our continuous improvement effort.  

G. W. Becker, Inc.

G. W. Becker, Inc.

G.W. Becker, Inc. is a full service, single source, provider of choice for quality overhead crane products and solutions. Family owned since 1980, we have grown from a local overhead crane parts supplier to a recognized industry leader offering a full spectrum of overhead crane related products and services throughout North America.

How We Determine The Best Electric Hoists

We have over 100 years of experience selling, engineering, and repairing hoists and cranes. As one of the top distributors in the country, we’ve had our hands on nearly every hoist on the market.

With all that said, here are the factors we consider when determining which Electric Hoists are best:

Quality of the hoist and its components

Quantity of units sold (popularity)

Reviews from our customers

Which Electric Chain Hoist Is Best For You?

Even with this list, it can be difficult to determine which hoist (and features) are best suited to meet your needs. Feel free to message us via our live chat, or give us a call or email with any questions you have.

Here’s a list of features to keep in mind when choosing the best hoist:

Lift capacity (tons)

Lift height

Pendant cable length

Lift speed




I-Beam width


With over 100 years of experience in the hoist and crane industry and after reviewing the current options on the market, we’ve determined the top five best Electric Hoists. Also, these hoists can be modified to fit most applications including food-grade, pharmaceutical, and more.

We encourage you to do your own research to determine which Electric Hoists is best for you or contact a professional for help.


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