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The differences and advantages of single and double girders wire rope hoists

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Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Girder electric wire rope hoist is a mechanism that uses a wire rope or cable fixed to a rotating pulley to raise and carry heavy items. A hook is attached to the cable’s end and used to grapple onto an object to be lifted. The pulley is connected to a motor that is controlled by a hand controller. The wire rope hoist lifts an obstacle by rotating a pulley that coils the cord around it. Many types of hoists include a trolley mechanism that allows the pulley and motor to drive around a track, making it easier to move heavy objects.

It operates on the Double girder hoist and is a hybrid of fixed mounted form and double-rail trolley. The electric hoist’s high-efficiency lifting and traveling mechanism ensures that it performs well, is stable, and secure.

Advantages of Wire Rope Hoist
Advanced technology architecture ensures the product optimization’s limited scale, meaning that the structure is small but still performs well. With TOYO electric wire rope hoist we can cover more in the same construction and work area.

Good quality hoist driving ensures safe and robust construction and a high structure design, minimizing lift-hook deflection and dual hoisting pace.

The differences and advantages of single and double girders wire rope hoists-1

Benefits of a double girder electric wire rope hoist
Double girder hoists provide additional stability for the manufacture and transportation of heavy loads, as well as have the potential to operate more frequently. Double girders wire rope hoists have increased hook height, better headroom dimensions, and greater crane span capability. They are highly durable and can carry loads reliably and precisely. The use of advanced technologies, such as frequency transfer control, braking energy feedback, and a safety tracking device, propels the wire rope electric hoist to the forefront of the industry.

Double girder wire rope hoist offers different protective features to ensure stable and efficient service. The control unit will make a precise record of the electric hoist operations, engine operating state and stable operating work cycle, providing a warning if required.
In order to ensure standardization and interchangeability of parts, the modular design model has been implemented in the whole product design significantly improves product consistency and decreases maintenance costs.

Benefits of a single girder electric wire rope hoist
A single-girder crane is more compact and lighter, which makes it a preferred choice for facilities where headroom and floor space is limited. Even in situations where items have to be lifted and moved close to the building walls, a single-girder crane can have a better end approach to the building, allowing the hook to move closer to the wall. With only one girder, minimum deadweight is applied to the building foundations, allowing for more cost-effective building designs and runway constructions. On top of that, less steel is required to manufacture the girder, making it an inexpensive lifting solution for various applications and industries.

Application of single and double girder wire rope hoist

1.Steel Plants
2.Railway Yards
3.Power Plants
4.Oil & Gas
5.Constructions Site
7.Ware Houses
8.eavy Fabrication Units
10.Mine Quarries


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